“I was diagnosed with early onset of Parkinson’s Disease, and wanted to get a routine established to fight the decline in balance and core strength. Juliette was positive and supportive, and after ten sessions in which we explored the limits of my control and flexibility, I’ve now got a daily programme of stretching and balance exercises and feel I’m making positive progress. On top of that, the back ache I’ve had for fifteen years is much improved too. Thoroughly recommended.”

Ben, Caversham, 2019

“I was diagnosed with an osteo-arthritic right hip which very seriously restricted my general mobility.  Secondly I had a longstanding disorder of the joint at the back of my big toe (Hallux Rigidus) which was becoming increasingly painful, so that walking distances became impossible.  Juliette through her skillful manipulation of my foot, excellent Pilates tuition and motivation to practice the resultant exercises has made a big difference to my life, as an example I can now play 18 holes of golf regularly again without any pain.  Her philosophy of educating and empowering patients is very effective.  She is a committed, patient centric, true professional who regularly participates in further training and development to ensure that she is aware of the latest developments in her area of healthcare.  I very strongly recommend her as a leader in her chosen profession. Thank you.”

Reading, September 2015

“I thought I should let you know how professional and accommodating you were. You got to a long standing problem in my foot within minutes of us meeting and your treatment and prescription was thorough and targeted.  I hope to see you again.”                                                     Andrew – Shrewsbury, March 2012

“I have had back problems for years which were getting more severe. Juliette has diagnosed and treated my back problems with physiotherapy and I have continued to benefit by attending her Pilates classes. These classes are small so Juliette is able to give individual attention to everyone, with exercises adapted to each person’s particular problem, and the studio is comfortable and well equipped. Juliette’s skill and enthusiasm are matched by her warm personality and commitment to her professional development in keeping up with all the latest ideas and techniques.”
Helen – Caversham, February 2011.

“I would highly recommend Juliette to friends and family as an accomplished and sensitive Physio. Having seen many other physiotherapists over the past couple of years, she is by far the most competent and holistic practitioner – she really listens to the issues and tries to find a practical and sensible solution. Her explanations are easy to follow and, most importantly for me, she didn’t give me lots of meaningless (and time-consuming) exercises to perform. I felt in very safe and intelligent hands and am pleased to report significant progress!”
Joanna – Reading, February 2011.

“Juliette is very warm and professional and her approach immediately put me at ease. After several weekly treatments, the recurring back pain I had experienced for many years greatly diminished and treatments are no longer necessary. Juliette has suggested ways in which to manage any possible recurring discomfort through visualisations and stretches, which have been and continue to be, extremely effective. Thank you Juliette!”
Sarah – Reading, January 2011.

“Juliette makes me feel relaxed, educates me and is giving me back some control over my increasingly pregnant body. Her combination of Pilates and Physio training and her personality and warmth are key. I’m hoping she can only work as many wonders post-baby.”
Sarah Airey – November 2010

“Please try Pilates with Juliette , it’s a real life changer , it gives you confidence , as well as addressing the physical frailties you may have . The one to one help you get in her small groups is great & ensures you get the proper direction & coaching . Finally its great fun & enables you to develop really good relationships with the other members of the group as well as Juliette, heartily recommended.”
Mike Green – 2010

“I would heartily recommend Juliette to anyone as a Physio. She is always prepared to help, she is understanding & empathises with you as a patient . She is not afraid to try different things & is always coming up with different ideas to help. Finally you can always talk to her, she does listen, which is so important!”
Mike Green – 2010

“Having broken a metatarsal in January 2010, I was still making use of a “Rooney boot” and a walking stick in April, my foot was rigid, and I was beginning to despair of walking normally again. I booked two long Physio sessions with Juliette, and am now fully mobile and building up to my old (rapid) speed. The deep tissue massages freed up the foot, whilst the exercise program she drafted for me brought me on in leaps and bounds (literally). Juliette showed me how to walk and balance properly, and I cannot praise her highly enough.”
Margot – May 2010

“Juliette was my first Pilates instructor, over five years ago, and her style is unique. After a sixty minute session with her I feel fully unwound, invigorated and at least half an inch taller. Five years later, and at a higher level, I still feel that each session is different, and with small class sizes (or one-to-ones) you get the individual attention that gives you the confidence to build what you have learned into your everyday life. The wide variety of exercises, and good supervision on excellent equipment make Juliette’s Pilates classes stand out from the others.”

Margot – December 2009

“My Pilates class is my one oasis of calm during the working week, something I look forward to where, for once, I can just simply listen and be told what to do. I’ve always enjoyed Pilates, but when I started Juliette’s class I noticed a marked change in quality which I had never experienced before. The personalisation, attention to description, calming and supportive language, technical expertise and a focus on helping me to build exercises into daily life was remarkable. Sitting at a laptop all day, with a demanding job has meant that my shoulders end up in my ears and I’ve lost a lot of flexibility in my spine. Practicing the exercises and knowing what “good” feels like gives me the confidence that my back is now improving, most of which I owe to Juliette. I would highly recommend her classes.”
Rosina – Nottingham, December 2009

“I saw Juliette when I was pregnant as I was experiencing rib, neck and pelvis pain. The treatment I received was truly excellent. She performed a thorough assessment and treated me with care and accuracy. Without her, I would have struggled to stay fully mobile during my pregnancy. Not only that, once I had had my son, she enabled me to get walking; something which is essential when you have a non-sleeping son! I cannot thank Juliette enough and would highly recommend her.” Lindsay George – Nottingham 2009

If you would like further details or to book an appointment to see Juliette please email her via the ‘contact us’ page on this website or call her on 07905927563.