September 2015

It is five years now since I completed the ‘Integrated Systems Model for Disability and Pain (ISM)’ series.  It changed the way I worked for the better.  LJ Lee was the tutor and she has continues with her educational journey now with ‘ConnectTherapy’ being the new name that she calls her approach.  I will be going on a week long update course in November with LJ which I’m sure will be a very interesting, eye opening and stimulating experience!  If you would like to read more about her approach you could have a look at her website:


August 2012  

After a crazy few weeks working at Eton Dorney as a volunteer Physiotherapist at the Olympics Rowing and Sprint Kayak it is back to normal hours at the clinic.  Looking forward to the Paralympics already!

April 2012

Following on from the ‘series’ of courses I attended by Diane and LJ Lee I have just been with Diane for a weekend on a course titled ‘Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy’.  This is an area that really does benefit from blending Physiotherapy and Pilates techniques.  Identifying how each individual can benefit their body optimally is crucial and this requires a good individual assessment and then ‘strategies’ to be put in place.

November 2011
I will be returning to work on Wednesdays and Fridays initially and then increasing hours as child care allows! If these days don’t suit you do ask for an alternative appointment.

March 2011
Maternity leave has now commenced. Watch this space if you’d like to see me on my return later in 2011! Many thanks.

October 2010
Another fascinating day course. This time on acupuncture and headaches. Acupuncture can be such a powerful tool for a Physiotherapist to use in conjunction with manual and rehabilitation treatment.

October 2010
Eight months later the ‘series’ of courses by Diane and LJ Lee are completed. It really has been a journey and certainly has improved my clinical assessment and treatment of any problem that clients may throw at me. The human body and all the links within it really are fascinating!

March 2010
With the clinic now up and running, I have embarked on a ‘clinical journey’ attending the first of a series of courses led by Diane Lee and Linda-Joy Lee who individually are widely published and have presented internationally on Low Back Pain and the Pelvis at numerous conferences. Very interesting!

February 2010 – Pilates lecture to Physiotherapy students
I was invited to present a day of lecturing at Nottingham University in February 2010. The aim was to introduce the students to the origins of Pilates, the principles of Pilates, how Pilates exercise and Physiotherapy should work together to optimise patient treatment, and to experience some Pilates exercise as well!

The students feedback was all positive thank goodness! A few open-ended comments on what was most effective about the staff member’s teaching on their review forms were:

‘Prepared, interesting and enthusiastic.’
‘Highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Got everyone involved and interested.’
‘Good combination of relevant theory and practical. Kept me interested through the whole session.’
‘It was a nice and relaxed environment that helped concentration.’
‘Retained interest and involved practical elements. Very approachable.’
‘Knowledge base and structure of the session. Also the way retained interest throughout.’
‘Wide knowledge base and experience.’
‘She was well prepared which meant we got maximum time out of the session.’
‘Participation and involving everybody.’