Video Physiotherapy and Pilates appointments now available.  Please email / text to book.  Face to face appointments are currently unavailable due to Covid-19.

Caversham Heights Physiotherapy and Pilates is a thriving clinic run by Juliette Cottam.  

Juliette is passionate about optimising health and function and addressing individual’s needs and goals.

Services offered include physiotherapy, pilatesacupuncture and massage.

Our ultimate goal for treatment is to integrate the benefits of both Physiotherapy techniques and Pilates exercise to create lasting changes in your body function.

Our treatments are designed to make a difference to the quality of your life.

We aim not only to offer hands on therapy but also deliver an education process that will help you achieve lasting results. This is why we use the phrase ‘intelligent exercise, profound results’ to describe our outlook.

If you would like further details from Caversham Heights Physiotherapy and Pilates or to book an appointment please contact us.